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In Delaware, as in most states, freight brokers are sought after. Freight brokers help shipping companies find dependable carriers to transport and distribute their goods. Even though Delaware is the second smallest state in the United States, more than 37,000 tons of freight are moved within the state annually. Additionally, more than $38,000 worth of goods are transported into the state, and almost $32,000 worth of goods are carried out of the state annually. This is more than enough freight to keep freight brokers in Delaware busy.

Furthermore, according to the Delaware Department of Transportation (DOT) website, the state has recently proposed new ways to safely move freight in and out of the state, including making improvements to their railways. The state also has plans to utilize all modes of transportation, including air and water, to transport freight. This is excellent news for those currently working and those interested in working as freight brokers in Delaware.

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Starting a Freight Broker Career

To work as a freight broker in Delaware, you will need to adhere to federal standards as there aren’t any statewide regulations for this career. First, you should have a high school diploma or GED. Then you will need to get a broker’s license. This license is known as a broker authority or MC authority license and is issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Authority (FMCSA).

To get your broker’s license, you will need to register your business name online and receive a USDOT number. You’ll also need business insurance. This will need to be a surety bond of at least $75,000 as well as cargo and liability insurance. You will also need designated freight agents in the states in which you will be brokering. Lastly, you will need to pay the application fee of $300. If you have met all other requirements, you should receive your license within four to six weeks.

Freight Broker Training Programs Near Delaware

To get started as a freight broker in the state, you should consider enrolling in a training program. The best programs will give you an overview of how brokers communicate between carriers and shipping companies, teach you how to manage a broker business, and inform you of all the legalities you need to know to run a broker business.

The most prevalent freight broker training programs are those that are offered by ed2go and Brooke Transportation Training Solutions. These programs are taught by experts in the industry and are offered at various colleges across the United States. The programs are comprised of 180 hours of coursework, which can be done strictly online and can usually be completed in six months.

There aren’t any colleges in Delaware that offer the ed2go freight broker training programs; however, since these programs can be taken online, location doesn’t matter. There are several schools in nearby states that offer the programs. These include Widener University and Manor College in Philadelphia, Camden County College and Rowan College of South Jersey-Gloucester in New Jersey, and Cecil College and Hartford Community College in Maryland.

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You can also earn certification as a freight broker, but it’s not a requirement. However, taking the Certified Transportation Broker exam offered through the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) may provide you with more job prospects and help you to make more money.

Expected Income for Freight Brokers in Delaware

According to the ZipRecruiter website, entry-level freight brokers in Delaware earn approximately $32,676 annually. Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and both show that freight brokers in the state make an average annual salary of $42,790. However, they likely make even more than that when you include broker commissions.

Working as a Freight Broker in Delaware

As with any other state, the more populated cities in Delaware will be where you are most likely to find work. In Delaware, this includes the largest city, Wilmington, and the second-largest city, Dover. Also, there are only three counties in the state. Two of them are more rural, but New Castle County is the most urbanized of the three counties and where you would probably have the most success working as a freight broker.

You can also find freight broker training in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.